Living Will

Living wills, also called healthcare directives, are not official wills but rather legally binding documents that state your medical preferences should you become incapacitated. For instance, your living will may state your desire not to be kept alive by a respirator.

The Living Will form allows you to state whether or not you want life-sustaining treatment if you are permanently unconscious or close to death from a terminal condition. The form gives you space to write in your own wishes for treatment in these circumstances or in other situations where you are terminally ill and unable to speak for yourself.
The Texas Living Will also allows you to name a representative to make treatment decisions for you when your Living Will is in effect. Keep in mind that this is not the same as naming health care agent in a Medical Power of Attorney. Unlike a representative you name in a Living Will, a health care agent will have broad power to make medical decisions for you whenever you need help. For this reason,I  recommend that you use your Living Will to describe your health care wishes, but name your agent in a Medical Power of Attorney.


This document should be prepared in conjunction with a Medical Power of Attorney.