Murder and Assault Crimes

Violent Crimes

When you are charged with a violent crime, such as assault or homicide, it can result in very serious conviction and punishment.  That is why you need an aggressive defense by an experienced criminal defense trial lawyer.

Of all violent crimes, homicides are the most serious — a crime that results in the death of another human being. Homicide can be charged as an intentional killing such as murder or manslaughter or as a negligent killing such as involuntary manslaughter.

Murder and manslaughter are the most serious homicides which can result in lengthy prison terms.  Involuntary manslaughter, a crime where there is no intention to kill or do grievous bodily harm, also can result in a long prison sentence.

If you have been accused or charged with such a crime, please do not hesitate to contact me immediately. Early intervention in criminal matters, specifically violent offenses, has helped me obtain some positive results, and having an experienced attorney defending you early is essential to the outcome of your case.


Being charged with an assault or homicide is a serious matter. I have substantial experience defending clients charged with a violent crime. I assist clients charged with any type of assault or homicide. I use the most experienced investigators to help find the information needed to assist in your defense. I have tried numerous cases with successful results for my clients.

When you are accused of a crime – the best thing you can do is protect yourself and have an experienced attorney at your side to protect your legal rights.

Your belief in your innocence will not necessarily help you avoid a conviction.  I will advise you concerning your options and legal rights – if you wish to take a plea – I will advise you about all of its ramifications – but you as the client decide whether or not to take a plea. I will never try and force you to take a plea that you do not want. I have tried many cases and will take your case to trial before a jury if that is what your case needs.

I am available to my clients 24 hours a day – 7 days a week ready to respond to you and be in court for you anywhere in New York City or any of the upstate counties.

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