Drug Offenses

The police can charge you with possessing a controlled substance regardless of whether it is for personal use or for sale. If you have been charged with a narcotics or drug offense, you need to take it seriously. The charges will not be dropped just because the amount of narcotics is small, or because “everybody is doing it.”

The courts still can give you a significant state jail sentence even if you possess even a relatively small amount of drugs.

Of course, should you be charged with distributing/selling narcotics or manufacturing controlled substances, you will need an experienced attorney to represent you.

I regularly handle cases involving:

Prescription drugs

How do you defend a drug case?

It goes without saying that for certain persons a narcotics conviction will have profound social consequences, and in certain professions a conviction can very well end or sideline your career. I approach such situations with all the gravity and purpose that they deserve. As always, my  aim is never to get you to “cop out” quickly so we can move on to the next case. Instead, I take the time to mount the strongest possible defense to the charges, increasing the likelihood that the court will eviscerate the People’s case by suppressing the narcotics at a pre-trial hearing, or that the DA will reduce or dismiss the charges altogether. Such work requires patience and diligence, but I have had many successful outcomes in these situations.

Those accused of possessing narcotics unsurprisingly often have a dependency problem. Indeed, it is common for a person addicted to drugs to sell drugs if only to support his addiction. In such cases, in my view, a jail sentence is inappropriate. I am adept at working with prosecutors and the courts to fashion a remedy so that the sentence of the court entails treatment for the addition that is the root source of the problem.

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