The Law Office of Kleon C. Andreadis assists clients of every kind.

     I have been litigating cases for 29 years and providing advice to clients in both civil and criminal law.


                                                           Criminal Law

                                                           I have tried over 150 cases including 20 Murder cases to verdict

                                                           Divorce Law

                                                          Serving clients in all areas related to divorce for 29 years


                                                        Wills and Estates

                 Advising and assisting clients with their wills, living wills, medical powers of attorney and probate


                              Arbitration and Business/Commercial Matters

I have been an arbitrator with the American Arbitration Association for my entire legal career.  I have been selected to arbitrate in some of the largest and most complex business matters across all industries.

I served as General Counsel and Director of World Wide Legal Affairs for an international productivity improvement firm – negotiating contracts and arbitrating matters through Europe and Asia.

                                       My office is conveniently located at :

                                       608 W. 12th Street Austin, Texas 78701

                                       Call 347-526-8116 – 24 hours a day